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Explore Deniz’s portfolio of alternative, experimental performances and world music.



additional performances


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alternative performances

Equally at home in alternative genres of music, Deniz's artistic portfolio highlights a passion for world music, which has always accompanied her musical path. Whether it is rearranging traditional Turkish folk songs or improvising on themes of Benjamin Britten, performances on the streets and in venues outside the opera house have comprised an integral aspect of her artistic output.


deniz + alyuvar

I. Yüksek yüksek tepelere ev kurmasınlar

A traditional turkish folk song usually played in weddings, rearranged into a varied stanzaic song.

II. Gelin canlar bir olalim

A folk song based on the poem from Pir Sultan Abdal (1480-1550) rearranged in a Numetal version and performed in one of the grungier places in Mannheim, Germany.

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deniz at the piano

Inspired by her many years singing this tune in the children's choir, listen to Deniz's improvisation on the piano based on the song "Cuckoo" from Friday Afternoons by Benjamin Britten.

CuckooDeniz Uzun
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Deniz sang from her childhood on regularly in synagogues and Jewish events, therefore she also performed several sephardic songs coming from the 15th century.  Partos Trocatos is one of the songs she used to perform as a child within the song cycle for voice and guitar "Siete Canciones Sefardies" arranged by Pedro Elias. Her new rearrangement with Alexander and Marat of this particular song gives an ambient touch to the mid age structure.

Partos Trocatos (Pedro Elias)Deniz Uzun, Marat Pak, Alexander von Chmaladse
00:00 / 03:16
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